Friday, January 26, 2007

Stephen Colbert, I worship thee

Comedy's Central's The Colbert Report comments on the wuss factor among the faculty re: The Decider Library. Click here for the clip from last night's show, in which our host declares that he is someone who "loves our president and hates books."

Don't bother me today, as I am busy building a personal shrine to the genius of Herr Colbert.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why have you not commented on the passing of Molly Ivins? It's time that we recognize her strength, verve and compassion. How many writers are able to stand up and be noticed -- while maintaining our integrity? How many individuals have her passion and lack of fear? How many have her laughter and sense of fun?

All of us will miss her. Especially the writers. We sit in our cubicles all day long, longing for just the right phrase to pop out of our heads. We long for words, phrases and pieces of our souls to reach out and touch the world. She had it. She had this talent. This power. So why is she gone? Why did the Lord scoop her up and take her somewhere else?

My guess is that He's got something else for her to do. As my mother once said, "Heaven has got to be boring." So maybe God stashed her in the heavens to work for Him. Maybe she's laying a table of fajitas and pico de gallo, using her placques and awards as trivets. Maybe she's standing in a corner with Ann Richards, snickering at the way the angels wear their wings. Or maybe, she's sneaking a peek at Nixon. My guess is that he's still yammering on about how wonderful tasting is hamburger is. That should get a laugh.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah do you have the link?

I'm also a fan.



3:45 PM  
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