Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here we go 'round the Library Bush

The new dean of the arts on the hill is almost too cool for the school. Wow. Good profile in the DMN today. If I'd been working for him instead of under the wizened old pigeon....

And from Pegasus News, the letter from the university prez regarding the Bush-Libe.

Check out this week's Dallas Observer (on stands today in most close-in neighborhoods) for my feature on the outdoor fitness bootcamp I've been doing for six weeks and the trend toward grown-ups playing outside for exercise.

Movie recommendation: Wordplay. Documentary about Will Shortz, the crosswords editor at the New York Times. Just my kind of sexy nerd-guy. Seriously cute. I saw the flick on On-Demand cable, but it's also out on DVD. It's porn for word-heads. Let me heap on the e-c-l-a-t (five-letter word for acclaim).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

H-o-w m-u-c-h?

Please keep the change and thank you for sharing.


10:12 AM  

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