Friday, January 05, 2007

Rotary breathing

Headline of the day: "Herpes may cause Alzheimer's." Well, at least the latter makes you forget how you got the former.

Many crushing deadlines keep me from blogging this week. Back with new items and links when I finish with the flurry of journo-work.

Rotary breathing, by the way, is what you call that motion of turning your head out of the water to suck in air during the front crawl stroke. I just like how it sounds. I think it's also like that motion of coming up for air when you're involved in a good snogging session. Kiss, kiss, breathe. Kiss, kiss, breathe. Not that I've had the chance to practice that recently.

Another link to occupy you during my lull. The author is my old college pal, Tim. He writes about film and theater and teaches at my undergrad alma mater. Leave him some comments. His new blog is sadly bereft of good feedback.

This one, The Knife, is fun, too. Combines two of my fave things: showbiz and restaurant reviews.


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