Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Kool-Aid anyone?

They've drunk the brew over at the university. Pussies. Big, soft pussies. reports (via AP) how the tiny squeaks of protest about the Library de la Bush have been silenced.

To read the faculty gobbledygook firsthand, there's the Bush Library Blog.

I'd suggest inundating their in-boxes with empty packs of Kool-Aid, but that campus is to protest what Britney Spears is to modesty. Or talent. Or motherhood.

Take your pick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are bing too harsh. I don't think that the people that are cited in the article have really backed down much at all. As for the blog, seems like a pretty reasoned discussion of the issue.

The biggest problems that the opponents of the library have is that the opposition started very late. There are two primary reasons for this.

First, there was not mention of a $500 million think tank with an announcement of the pursuit of a library. Most of us are not really happy about the library, but could live with it. However, the thought of a heavily manned neo-con think tank dedicated to spewing whatever quantity of lies are necessary to attempt to resurrect from the sewer Bush's reputation is abhorrent and shocking. And in our defense, it is unprecedented in the history of presidential libraries. It's not exactly like we knew this one was coming.

Second, initially SMU was competing with a fist full of other universities for the library. It is much more difficult to mobilize opposition to something when you're one of a dozen candidates. Personally, I didn't figure we'd get it because we didn't have enough available land.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Campus outcry against the Bush library made it on The Colbert Report last night.

National show.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen Much a-do about Nothing recently? Would you be kind enough to provide a link to your review?

"Candy C."

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Phantom P,

Spending all that money in a library is not very usual.

I voted Democrat last time but I'm all for libraries and books, I must confess. So you really make me think about going Republican now. I guess you can't trust us humanists.


9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stabbing other faculty in the back (but doing it "collegially") and cutting personal deals with the boss are the tried and true methods of getting ahead at SMU. This cave-in is entirely predictable. Now watch for the scramble to get in good with the new money and power on campus; it's already started with the self-congratulation over being "polite and respectful" in the debate. That's where the real politics are in this professorial charade, not in Left vs. Right.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of couse, this Library has nothing to do with books. As is the case with other Presidential Libraries, it holds the records of a President's tenure in the White House. And it will be under the control of the National Archives, an entity of the federal government, not the university or a foundation. The proposed institute will not control the release of historical information, the presidential records will be at the Library, not in the institute. Of course, a President himself generates only a small percentage of the records in a Presidential Library. Many matters are handled by senior staff. To get a sense of what is in a Presidential Library, check out the various research links at
You'll see the scope of materials is very broad, ranging from records created by senior White House staff
to subject files

Of course, what I link to above being publicly available through the National Archives' website and portal, anyone interested in the topic of Presidential Libraries, whether faculty, student or just some other interested bystander, can do his or her own research. And check out what a Presidential Library is all about. I'm really surprised there has been so much confusion about what a Presidential Library is, the National Archives being quite transparent about what is available in them and its role in administering. There is less information available about how the proposed the think tank would operate, as that is a private entity, which would not be under government (National Archives) control.

6:14 AM  
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I think Kool-Aid Man was known for bursting suddenly through walls of children's homes and proceeding to make a batch of Kool-Aid for them

12:56 PM  
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