Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mea Crappa

I know. I suck lately with the blogging thing. Part of it is monetary. Mediavillage.com actually pays me real money to watch TV shows and blog my bitchy snark about them, which has to be the best, easiest and most ridiculously rewarding gig I've ever had. Last week the assignment was to watch all the TV shows I could find on the Internet and then write about how good or totally shit-on-a-stick the network websites are. Good: CBS Innertube. S-o-a-s: MTV Overdrive. (I tried to make links to those, but this El Sucko new Google version of Blogger won't let me. Google Blogger, why dost thou defy me!)

Anywhichways, I was up till 2 and 3 in the a.m. all last week watching Indian music videos from Swedish TV and the weather reports from Japan. And top models bitching and bulimisizing in Australia and breaking news in Canada.

When I was a kid I used to dream of getting paid to watch TV. And now I am. So there's your lesson. Live your dreams, kids. I didn't have to read The Secret to get mine. I had to watch buttloads of television. It's like getting paid to eat in fancy restaurants or go to musicals. Oh, wait. I do that.

If you're in Dallas, go see "Fences" at Dallas Theater Center. It's the best three hours of live theater this city has hosted in about 10 years. You can't beat an August Wilson play for epic family tragedy. The actors (cast out of NYC) are phenomenal. The lead is very James Earl Jones-plus-Danny-Glover. The actor playing the son is hot.

Since we're all on spring break, I'll make this short. It's a great week to catch up on "American Idol" (as my friend AJ said tonight, Sanjaya is so gay he's doubled back into straight), "ANTM," "Real Housewives of Orange County," "Two-a-Days" and all the other series that have redefined "reality" for all of us.

Oh, one more thing, while I'm typing TV. Saw my first-ever actual celebrity at Celebrity Bakery in Highland Park. Angie Harmon, late of "Law & Order" and currently wife of Jason Sehorn and mom of two babies. She's frickin' gorgeous, even in yoga pants and no makeup. She bought a lot of $2.50 iced cookies, left in her Mercedes and then returned 20 minutes later, box of cookies in hand, to go back in the bakery and straighten something out. She smiled at us. Star-gawking at Angie? Guilty as charged.


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