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Sisterhood by the pound

More here about the fallout from the great Depauw U. Delta Zeta sorority purge.

"There's no one left in that house bigger than a size 10," says Joanna Kieschnick, who left of her own accord.

Good for you, Joanna Kieschnick! We who dress in double digits salute you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After I figured out which ones were fat, and which ones left because their parents would not pay the bill, I now understand why women are paid less.

Only girls that have to pay for their friends would conclude that the way to increase membership is to kick people out. At least the kicked out girls got what they deserved for trying to buy their friends. The rest should be ashamed of themselves for being eclectic. That sort of crap has no place in a house of sorostitution.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous SMU alpha chi said...

It is so tragic that something like this had to happen, and I certainly have not experienced anything like that since I've joined a sorority. The entire point of a sorority is sisterhood - seeing beyond flaws, loving the flaws of your sisters. Things like these give not only Greek women a bad name, but all women. Why should we be so catty as to not accept those who may be bigger, who may be of a different race, who may be handicapped, who may have a different hair color, who may be different from us in any way?

I'm apalled at DZ's national organization who kicked out girls who were probably deeply committed to their sorority just because they may not have fit in with the image nationals wants to portray. Who said thin and blonde is beautiful? I'm pretty damn sure that a size 14 and red hair is beautiful, too. I'm even more sure that true beauty is on the inside and certainly shouldn't be judged by what we see on the outside.

No wonder eating disorders are so prevalent in our society today. We are constantly told that we're not good enough. A size 12? Not fat. Not even close. And for these girls to be told that by women in the national organization who were supposed to be their sisters? Completely unacceptable.

I'm a size 8 and I'm blonde, so I guess I would have made the cut. But you can bet in a heartbeat that I would have quit - and not become an alumni - I would have deactivated completely. I applaud the girls who did it, because I know how hard it would be.

12:52 AM  
Anonymous smu alpha chi said...

"At least the kicked out girls got what they deserved for trying to buy their friends. The rest should be ashamed of themselves for being eclectic. That sort of crap has no place in a house of sorostitution."

Actually, anonymous, I DON'T believe that the girls who got kicked out got what they deserved. While I was against the greek system until I came to college, I certainly never believed that it was buying their friends. Yes, it does cost money to be in a sorority - it goes to different events, philanthropy, etc. I'm not going to lie and say dues don't exist. They do. But they are certainly not buying friendship. And the girls who got kicked out for superficial reasons DID NOT deserve that kind of heartbreak. They did NOT deserve to be treated like they weren't good enough.

It's interesting that you say that sororities are no place to be eclectic... I see members of every size and race on every sorority on my campus, at least. Almost every girl in my sorority has a leadership role in another organization on campus (and I'd be willing to bet that the same is the truth for other sororities on my campus). It's also interesting to note that the Panhellenic GPA on my campus is higher than the average female GPA and the average univerisity GPA.

I agree that only snobby bitches would conclude that they needed to kick girls out in order to increase membership. But to suggest that the kicked out girls got what they deserved is just absurd. And you can say that sororities can't be eclectic, but you're wrong. Plain and simple.

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Dances With Books said...

Good for you, Joanna. Those of us who date/like the ladies who dress in double digits salute you as well.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suma Alpha: Because you have simply denied my points, and did not provide any specifics as to why they are wrong, I think that you are simply conceding my points: Sorostites buy their friends, and these fatties are just angry that their purchased friends didn’t live up to their bargain.

If there is any crime, it is that the “main office” or whatever, didn’t state the weight limit up front.

Having a high GPA as an undergrad is no big accomplishment. Take easy courses and suck up. Purchased friends are good at telling teach other how to do this.

They deserve all that they got.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous smu alpha chi said...

I've explained my reasons for why I believe you're wrong, but I haven't heard any "proof" from you on why you believe greek letter organizations are so awful.

My money goes to maintaining to philanthropy, maintaining our house, social events, etc. I certainly did not join a sorority to "buy" friends - I don't understand what the point would be in doing this. I already had friends before I rushed. And yes, I won't deny that a lot of students take easy classes. However, I could say the same for non-Greek students. I know that a good portion of my sisters are in honors classes, but I can't state that as a fact for every sorority on campus, because I don't know the statistics. I'd have to say that my high GPA is a great accomplishment for me, though - I take hard classes and bust my ass to do well.

I am also pretty sure I DID prove my point that sororities are diverse. I'll be the first to admit that the Panhellenic sororities on most campuses are mostly white. However, at SMU, the entire campus is (unfortunately) not known for its diversity, and it is mostly white girls that go through rush. That is the only thing I would say that SMU greeks need to improve -- we need the typically white and typically black greek organizations to have more interaction. I would personally love it if all of these organizations could merge, but I doubt the typically black sororities would agree with me, since they tend to have more spirit, stronger sisterhood, and a better rush process. Other than the lack of ethnic diversity, I'd say Greeks are just about as diverse as any other group on campus. I'm an agnostic, extremely liberal, creative wriring major - and if I can find a place for me in a Greek organization, then so can anybody else.

I'm not trying to convince you that the Greek system is amazing. I realize that you will probably never approve of it. I understand; I disapproved of the Greek system for many years of my life. However, you're making snap judgments about groups that you apparently know nothing about. I'm 99% sure that Prof is against greek letter organizations herself, but at least she has educated opinions, and is willing to listen to the opinions of others.

I can't agree with you that you got what they deserved. Maybe you were never teased or made fun of. Maybe you were never called ugly or fat. Maybe nobody ever made you feel like you weren't good enough, and maybe nobody ever made you feel worthless. You're a very lucky person. But I've gone through that kind of torture in my childhood - and I know that nobody ever deserves that kind of pain. You may not ever approve of our sisterhood, which is your opinion, and I'm not here to change it. The kind of statement you made, however, is so hateful. It's interesting that you have such animosity towards greek letter organizations because you feel like we're bad people, but you're the one who feels like these girls deserved to be called fat and kicked out of their sorority.

11:05 PM  
Blogger renita said...

in case you haven't heard it, prof, my alma mater's president grew a spine and has "severed ties" with DZ nationals. bye-bye turtle girls.

12:38 AM  
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