Monday, February 26, 2007

Feeding the kitty

I got paid to live-blog the Oscarcast last night. Not paid nearly enough to devote more than three hours to the most stultifying telecast in Oscar history. But it was lesbian-friendly to the max! Here's my column at Mediavillage, if you'uns are interested.


Blogger Kevin said...

Thanks for the link! Loved reading everything you've written lately at Mediavillage. I'm bookmarking it.

Youngest daughter and I eschewed the Oscars in favor of practicing for her first college freshman "Government Required Speech Class" speech. Sounds like it was a good choice. Even hubby and her two older sisters declared this year's mess to be bloated and boring.

As for the Anna Nicole debacle - I have no words.

And as for the Jessica Simpson flick -- why in the world would Luke Wilson take this role? Is he THAT hard up for money? Did your actor friend have anything to say about Luke?

8:00 AM  

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