Tuesday, September 18, 2007

At a Monday afternoon University of Florida town hall event featuring John Kerry, a journalism student was Tasered by campus cops for asking a controversial question from the open mike. (Actually, it wasn't all that controversial. See the story for details.)

Appalling. But no longer surprising. Free speech ceased as a civil right when our current dictator-in-chief put his hand on the Bible and was sworn in on January 20, 2001.

When dopey Dubya came to the nearby campus in 2004, nobody who wasn't a true believer was allowed into the Coliseum. A "free speech zone" was set up blocks away from the event for protesters, lest the Prez even have to lay his beady eyes on people who didn't worship him.

Now that was appalling.

But not at all surprising.


Blogger Sean said...

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Blogger Sean said...

the young man entered the event without paying. He came in and interrupted the session (which explains while he was followed in an surrounded by cops). He demanded to ask Kerry a question as he entered and Kerry agreed to hear him speak. He then went on to speak, not ask a question, for a few minutes. When pressured he asked the not all that relevant question of whether Kerry was in Skull and Bones in college. His mic was then cut, so the police moved into to arrest him (which they made that intent aware when they stopped to let him ask the question). He got tasered for RESISTING arrest, not asking a question. He broke the law when he entered into a high security function, he got to ask his question- so he should just take his lumps and get escorted by police and then slapped with the small fine that might have ensued. Instead he makes a show of it. Come on Phantom Prof., I know censorship and excessive force when I see it, but this kid got what was coming. Police were just following the book here.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous jen said...

I just have one question. You're not a conservative, are you? hahahahaahahahaha

11:16 PM  
Anonymous DoesNotMatter said...

He did not get tasered for asking a question (or delivering a speech with an questionmark at it's end). He got got arrested (or forcibly escorted out) for that. Tasered he got when when broke free from the cops escorting him out, ran back in and then started a brawl.

A better explanation of why he got the ride the lighting can be found at thelawdogfiles at the blog host here.
If you enjoy verbal skewering of imbeciles a nice place to visit.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Did you actually read what you wrote before you posted it? I mean, I am a fairly conservative guy, but that doesn't mean I can't take a rational look at a series of events.

By your rationale, it was okay to taser this guy because he was being an enormous jerk. Does just being kind of jerk only warrant a few jabs to the chest with a billy club? The amount of force both law enforcement and civilians are allowed to use to protect themselves is based on a standard of reasonableness. Therefore, if your life is in danger, you can use deadly force if need be. (Or you could call 911 or go out the back door instead of trying to shoot over the persons head and avoid killing your neighbor/local musician/great guy, but that is a different story.) So, the amount of force to be used must b fit the amount of danger. I have a feeling the amount of security at an event with John Kerry speaking could have subdued and handcuffed this gut without tasering him. I think the University realized it too, which is why they have suspended the trigger happy rent a cops.


7:23 AM  
Anonymous howiemaui said...

I remember when Dubya came to the "Hilltop." I was working at the campus at the time and was just flabergasted at the lengths people were going to get entrance tickets and the joy they displayed when they received them. I rolled my eyes all day and even attempted to leave early.

I took the campus bus to the train station. While trying to get off the stupid bus, all the Bush supporters were attempting to push us all back on so they could get a ride to the arena. So, here we are, trying not to miss our rides home, having to push a group of people who never bothered to pay attention that they were getting on the wrong bus anyway.

What a day.

I'm glad I'm no longer there!

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?


Are you high?

What evidence do you have of the death of free speech? How can any such "evidence" be connected to Bush?

Are you trying to play the part of an idiotic leftist professor just for fun?

How are we to take any of your posts seriously after this ridiculous, irrational, contrary to-any-objective-measure-of-reality and-understanding-of-free-speech-as -the-Constitution-grants-it snip?

(Were you under the impression that before January 20th 2001 one was simply entitled to attend the event of one's choosing and disrupt it at will without consequence?)

7:52 PM  
Blogger Russell said...

I just wish the article was still available to read.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Sean said...


unfortunately- I didn't really read my post before I submitted it (explains all the grammatical errors) but I stand by what I said. Listen, I'm actually a U.S. History major who is doing his thesis on First Amendment rights and free speech. This person's free speech simply was not violated. But I find it interesting that no one has pointed out that this young man actually infringed on the free speech of others (Kerry had to interrupt him to finish answering a previous students question; this man was going on a rather un-academic rant and was chewing up others people's designated time to ask questions.) I AM ALL ABOUT FREE SPEECH. I would have not raised a single complaint if he spent the whole time talking about something grossly offensive and irrelevant- as long as he did it in the agreed amount of time. I know this is picky, but hey- if we are to have productive public discourse there needs to be some boundaries- NOT boundaries on WHAT we say- but HOW the discourse is conducted. This is why debates have moderators. I don't see this as 'violating' free speech. You just need to hone your argument. I know poems that have more truth and power than entire novels.

And to answer the other question 'am I conservative?' Well, relative to what? People that defend yelping hollow political rhetoric? Then yes. To be less dramatic....maybe... I'm registered as an Independent. I think the Democrats and Republicans are empty carcasses of what their parties used to be. Can I elect the corpse of Eisenhower or Lincoln???

Oh, and excessive force? Please...he was given a verbal warning about the taser more than once, but he kept kicking and screaming (like a true showman). In that situation you can think that it's unfair that you're being arrested, but trying to shove off and get physical with cops isn't the way to assert your point. Let them peacefully escort you out of the building, why in high hell engage them physically? Cops aren't looking to sort out any 'misunderstanding' when you're engaging and resisting them physically while hundreds of innocent people are around. If you think injustice was done..go quietly and then challenge the legality of your detainment. It's why we have a judicial system people. This young man is nothing but a self-proclaimed martyr. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW HE WANTED THIS TO TURN OUT. Unintelligent and tactless (and not because of his political views, but because of how he chooses to espouse them)

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Hillary said...

Here is my two cents... My father is a policeman and informed me the rise in taser guns has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the amount of violent arrests. It's not a cattle prod at all, it is supposed to numb muscle and nerve function to take someone resisting arrest down instead of by other forces like a gun or baton. In the police academy they taser each officer as well as give them mace to the face in training so they know what it feels like before ever administering it to a civilian.
Read about it at - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TASER_International

Franky, I think this guy was trying to cause a scene. I myself am a big advocate of free speech but acts like this disappoint me because it's presented in such an obnoxious way. The guy would not stop and so they tasered him to take him down. Am I wrong? They could have used a baton or gun which have a much higher chance of serious injury.

Just my opinion...

11:33 AM  
Anonymous guest007 said...

I find it amazing how the left will come to the defense of an extreme leftist being a jerk. When someone will not comply (like wait in line, limit yourself to one question, actually ask a question, sit down, leave) what are other to do.

What many are proposing gives all of the power in society to the rudeness jerks and makes the rest of us suffer.

Of course, it he has been a white conservative student ranting at Jesse Jackson's bastard children, the left would be cheering the tasering and would not care a lick about freedom of speech.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Appalling? Ha! It is no worse than you censoring dissenting views on your blog.

Jokes about daddy's credit cards are fine but government handouts? Nope, that gets the delete button, commie-style.

Perhaps that also explains your dwindling readership.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous pete said...

Of course, it he has been a white conservative student ranting at Jesse Jackson's bastard children, the left would be cheering the tasering and would not care a lick about freedom of speech.

Do you ever fear for your life?

11:13 PM  
Blogger Litz Harly said...

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