Saturday, June 09, 2007

Snowing Over There

The students call it "snow." Not all that original a name for cocaine, huh.

A sophomore who died in his frat house bedroom had it in his system, along with other drugs, including the powerful painkiller fentanyl. Months after his son's death, the student's father says campus security did little to investigate the drug angle. There were text messages on the young man's phone, for instance, that directly referred to "snow." And in his own investigation, the dad says he's heard about rampant drug use at the frat and ritual hazing that involved drugging pledges' drinks.

Campus security shrugs its collective shoulders.

Drugs on that campus? Hazing? They are shocked! Shocked!

Read the DMN store on this one here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if there were text messages? AFAIK without a warrant those would be out of bounds, and getting that might be beyond the abilities of the campus police...

7:04 PM  
Blogger Mike M. said...

Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe this is the most appropriate place for the Bush library after all!

3:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not like any of these kids slipped and--oops!--fell into a pile of "snow". They willingly did it. It doesn't make them bad people--everyone makes bad choices. But blaming fraternities, hazing rituals, the university makes no sense. Everyone knows that drugs can kill you. It's been hammered into our heads all our lives. No matter how many rules the university makes, there will still be drugs on the SMU campus and every other college campus. Every college campus has rich kids who have money to blow on hard drugs. Even state schools. In fact, I've seen more drugs at the state schools I've visited than the private universities.

So it all comes down to the choice of the individual.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure the fraternities do haze at SMU, even though it was drilled into us the entire first semester that hazing is wrong and doesn't happen.

I don't care what campus this is on -- hazing like this is wrong. There are many other ways to get close to the new members in greek life. None of my sorority sisters needed to drug me so I could become a sister. Actually, all forms of hazing (which is specified as anything required by new members that is not required by ALL members) was prohibited -- even something completely innocent would also be prohibited. The rules were followed without any problems.

But it seems like a lot of the guys want to participate in hazing rituals, which is why it will probably never stop for many fraternities (on all campuses) -- it will never be officially reported.

Drugs will also always exist on all college campuses, no matter what campus police do.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Morgaine said...

Universities have no more business investigating matters like this than the Catholic church has for investigating pedophilia in the priesthood. These are criminal matters that should be handled by the police, with only the most cooperative input from the respective institution.

7:58 PM  
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