Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Thanks for playing along

Great tips in the comments section. Really great. Thank you for playing the home game. Good stuff from the librarian about the texts. Those "new editions" sometimes are new only because they have juggled chapters around or added some new photos. The publisher makes money off new edition sales -- and nothing from used book sales -- thus the constant "updating." Ask the prof if a previous edition will work and you'll save some money that way.

Love the tips about emailing instructors if you're going to be late to class. Saves you a lot of ill will on the part of profs who hate latecomers. If you give a heads up beforehand, they'll just give you a wave and a nod when you come in late.

And the comment-writer is right. Facebook.com is the dernier cri of saying "here I am" as a new kid on campus. But think just a second longer before posting that profile photo of yourself in the nude, standing on a boulder, holding your own package (and a certain swimteam jock knows what I mean). Ditto the inclusion of a bong or other parent-frightening paraphernalia in said photo (and the offspring of a certain prof knows what I mean).

All good. More to come from me, too.

I've got an idea for something that I'll need your feedback on. Will write about that later today or tomorrow. This conversation we have going here is really inspiring me to create in new ways.


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