Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Getting naked online

And I'm not talking about those pasty Clay Aiken pix in the tabloids. "We Got Naked--Now What?" is the topic of the panel I'm on this Saturday, March 11, at the Austin (Texas) Convention Center at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, part of the weeklong web-music-film fest that draws tens of thousands from all over to our lovely capital city.

Here's the Austin Chronicle's fine look at, the group hosting the panel I'm on, with a nice mention of yours truly. As I understand it, we'll be talking about what happens when your online identity is "outed" for good or ill.

If you come to the panel, I have a little super-secret prize for the first 20 people who find me and utter the secret Phan/Prof password: Monkey.

I'll be blogging from Austin to let you know what's going on there. And I have more stories from campus to tell, too.

Like the one about the Ashley who emailed the prof, dressing him down for asking her for overdue assignments and threatening to "tell your boss."

Back in a few.


Blogger Gene said...

unrelated: For Once, Blame the Student (an article in the scholarly journal "USA Today")

10:34 PM  
Blogger elkit said...

I said MONKEY! :-)
Thank you for the super-secret prize (which is marvelous! right up my alley). And it was very nice to meet you. And great panel, I enjoyed it very much. Lotsa good food for thought.

2:28 PM  
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