Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Big Love

Just spent 45 minutes writing a new post here about a wide range of topics: HBO's Big Love (love it), the Duke U. lacrosse team case (gang rape and hired hoochy dancers, all the elements of a huge night on the Nancy Grace show), the new class I'm teaching that is the best group of students I've ever had, and some new links to fascinating crap on the internet.

Just as I got ready to hit "publish post," AOL blanked out and lost the connection. Everything disappeared.

Mothereffing AOL. This only happens about 20 times a day when I'm on deadline. And for the past two weeks I've been on deadline around the clock.

I notice that my cable's "On Demand" feature is billboarding a soft-porn flick called The Witches of Breastwick. That and a box of gluten-free cheese crackers just might get me through the night. Will try to write it again tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel for you! It's not just AOL, though. Comcast is horrific. It has a wonderful tendency to cut out while I'm filing my income tax online, reapplying for FAFSA, clicking "finish checking out" after entering my credit card number.


Look forward to reading whatever it was that was sucked into the abyss.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Troy said...

There should be a link to "recover post" when you try to write a new post in Blogger, but it might not work since you've written this post since you lost the last one. Maybe next time.

12:56 AM  
Blogger Cold Potato said...

The first problem here is AOL. Then we get into little issues such as writing your posts on your own computer, say in Word, giving you time to edit and reflect without having to worry about posting before AOL dies on you (again).
Keep up the good work tho!

1:14 AM  
Blogger PurpleDaisy said...

A very similar thing happened to me just this morning, except my post was erased when I was inserting the code for a link. I couldn't recover what I'd lost. That's why today I decided that from now on I WILL compose my entries in Word and I WILL save them frequently!

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

huh huh. Witches of Breastwick.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Morgaine said...

I've had that happen too many times, too. I often use a program called MacJournal, because it saves automatically and lets me send posts directly to blogger and to livejournal. It isn't completely fool proof, but it helps. Do you use mac or pc? If pc, maybe someone can suggest a similar program? Word can be too complicated for a simple post, IMO.

Take heart. I find that when I have to reconstruct a post, it comes out better the second time.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to graduate from AOL. The service has never been robust enough for anyone but the newest newbie. Having an AOL email address is like driving around town with a "student driver' sign on your car. The company has never been anything but a huge list of suckers, I mean customers, who were too lazy or net-phobic to find a better provider. That doesn't fit you, Ms, Miner. Take the plunge; get a cable modem.

broadband prof

1:03 PM  
Anonymous highschoolkid07 said...

Haha! I can't believe you're still using AOL!

Everyone and their dog knows AOL is AO-hell!

7:47 PM  
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