Monday, July 25, 2005

Email from the "Strait A Student"

A big city university prof sends along a favorite email from a matriculant. Here it is verbatim. Enjoy.

Hello, I just checked my exam score and was extremely unhappy and shocked by it. Here is the deal. I am a strait A pre-med student. was majoring in Bio but my life practically evolves around psychology (read a ton of books and LOVE learning it), so I thought might as well major in it. I had psychology in high school and to me it was the most interesting course where I did the homwork bcuz i want to not bcuz i had to. First exam (75.3%)- I kept up w/ reading for each lecture, had two other exams at same time so didn't get to reread like I wanted to, just spent all night going over main points. Exam felt to be extremely difficult. probably bcuz of lack of sleep and that i didnt reread those chapters. 2nd exam (79%)- once again kept up with reading, in a coarse of two days reread and perfectly understood all the material, got a normal night of sleep. Honestly couldn't have been more confident! Did the exam and still thought pretty good about it, maybe the lowest expected score around B+. Alright, I thought about it and I think i know where the prob. is, on this exam as well as on the previous one, about 10-12 questions were completely confusing the way they were stated. Those were not the conceptual questions (i pick up on those very well), they seemed to be bad becaues of wording, sentence formation and the worst possible examples used. I am not trying to put anyone down here, but you know, for your intelligence level (not just my opinion!!!) it seems like you're trying to sound smarter than you really are. Your lectures are sooo pointless, you just read and repeat what the book says (boring, I read it!), you have trouble answering any question that is not exactly from our textbook. Loving psychology so much, honestly you're discouraging me. i dont want to give you a bad review at the end, I dont want to warn people about you. I just want the exams to be from the material I study, and frankly straight forward questions make the professor sound a lot more intelligent than the one with twised questions. Now, there's still 3 more exams left, I still have a chance to get an A in this course. Also, what is the deal about not getting scantrons or exams back, I am learing here!!!!!!! so i want to know what I did wrong. I appologize if you find this letter offensive in any way to yourself, it's not my intention, I am just giving some constructive criticism here. I have a LOT MORE difficult classes that would axcept a B in, but not this class. I would really appreciate if you could take this into consideration. Please reply, I would like to know your feedback! Thank You! Sincerely, xxxxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My goodness, this students head would have spun faster than Linda Blair on crack if they ever had to take a nursing school exam. All test questions have two correct answers, only one is "the most correct".

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What scares me most is that this student is pre-med...

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man these things are rude! i mean, come on! i talked back to my teachers until high school (when i got a wake-up call) and even i would never give them that kind of stuff.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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