Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Old foam

Clancy writes: Love your blog. Just wanted to say, though, that I graduated from high school in 1993, and foam parties were big when I was in college, too, so they've been around at least that long.

Well, it does take a while for trends to get to Texas. Women down here still wear big bows on their heads. They do. I've seen it. And it makes me sad.

And another correspondent says:
I graduated in '04 and at that time foam parties were old news. Usually, the fraternity or sorority that sponsored the foam party would have been looked on as "lame." Girls who go atre considered trashy and guys who go are considered perverts. Love the blog -- keep up the good work!

Gee, you guys, you're bursting my bubble. Bursting! Bubble! GET IT?

Blame it on the heat.

OK, maybe I had foam parties confused with "furries," at which the attendees dress up in those fake-fur mascot outfits and then have sex. I saw that one in Vanity Fair. Kinda makes you wonder if the "Longhorn" gets the most action.


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