Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Foam home

Foam parties. The new rage among the college set. A bubbly alternative to those themed bashes called "Pimps and Ho's," "Dirty Doctors and Naughty Nurses" and "Trophy Wives/Husbands."

Don't think I didn't learn a few things over the years from my students. From them I learned how to play "Moose" and "Moose 2," drinking games that are just updates on "Quarters."

Get this, the fave booze-up game in my day was "Hi, Bob." You turned on The Bob Newhart Show on Saturday night and every time Emily, Howard, Carol or Jerry popped in the door and said, "Hi, Bob!," which was about every 14 seconds, everyone had to guzzle a beer. Sigh. We were such innocents.

If you wanna see what foam parties are and what they look like, go here. Hey, at least at the end of the bash, you're clean. Looks like fun!


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