Monday, October 02, 2006

Taking the "art" out of "smart"

The New York Times writes about the Frisco, Tex., teacher who was bounced after taking her fifth-graders through the Dallas Museum of Art. The issue seems to be muddying up. Was she denied her teaching post because one kid told a parent he/she had seen a nude statue at the DMA? Or did she get the ax for wearing flip-flops in class?

From the NYT piece: "In the May 18 memorandum to Ms. McGee, Ms. Lawson faulted her for not displaying enough student art and for 'wearing flip-flops' to work; Ms. McGee said she was wearing Via Spiga brand sandals. In citing the students’ exposure to nude art, Ms. Lawson also said 'time was not used wisely for learning during the trip,' adding that parents and teachers had complained and that Ms. McGee should have toured the route by herself first. But Ms. McGee said she did exactly that.

That "time not used wisely" part is really baffling. Wha the fuh?

If you can formulate any theories from that mumbojumbo, let me know.

Here's the story.


Anonymous Ragman said...

Today's PvP strip mentioned it, too.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bHere is my theory... Frisco is full of a bunch of puritanical nut-jobs. It's amazing they did not burn the poor woman at the stake.

12:54 PM  
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