Saturday, September 23, 2006

Celebrity muscle

My brother the cowboy (no, for real, he is) was stuck on the highway this morning and called to tell me the scene. On every overpass and at every exit ramp for 100 miles he had seen uniformed cops. Highway patrol. Local police. Big city and smalltown forces. They were there for hours, watching...for something. What was up, brother asked?

I checked local newscasts. Nada. Newspaper website--zero (as usual). Radio? Dallas radio stopped doing actual up-to-the-minute news more than a decade ago.

Then I heard from a friend who works at a fancy hotel hereabouts. She said there was a foreign dignitary checking in. Aha. Must be the reason for the massive police presence on the roadways. But who was it? Middle Eastern royals maybe? They've been known to rent the entire hotel, reserving rooms for pesonal food tasters and multiple wives.

They were searching everyone who was checking in, my friend said, including the luggage and car of comedian Jeff Foxworthy. He was staying at the fancy hotel, where he had booked a massage this afternoon. (Hey, if you're getting a massage at the most exclusive hotel in this city, you might NOT be a redneck anymore, Jeff.)

Anyway, the dignitary turned out to be Pakistani President Musharraf, in case you were wondering, too. Here's the Houston Chronicle's coverage of his visit to a doctor in podunk Paris, Texas.


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