Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Boozing: A How-To

From the Washington Times:
"My belief is that we have to face the fact that a certain percentage of college students will drink. So, what can we do to reduce the likelihood of them getting into trouble?" asked Steve Benton, a psychology professor at Kansas State University who has studied the negative patterns of collegiate boozing.

"Students who tend to have attitudes that make them greater risk takers are more likely to get into trouble when drinking," Mr. Benton said. "Even when controlling the amount of alcohol, it's not how much you drink that affects the amount of trouble, but how risky you are."

Indeed, social drinking has devolved into a full-contact sport among party-hearty students, even on campuses that have banned alcohol. The students simply go off-campus to imbibe, often resorting to coarse drinking games such as "bar golf," which sends them to different establishments, brandishing a scorecard to record how many gulps it took to polish off a beer.
The statistics resulting from such behaviors are sobering.

A 2005 study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that 1,700 college students from age 18 to 24 die every year, either from alcohol poisoning or alcohol-related injuries.

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