Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And the monkey goes to...

For the final Word Nerd contest of 2005, the green monkey toy goes to HighSchoolKid07. If you will send me your snailmail address, I'll post the chimp to you. (ThePhantomProf@aol.com)

More contests to come in the new year. Too busy right now to get them blogged.

Lots of writing work taking me hither and yon. I'll be in South Texas next week researching the history of surfing the Texas coast for one of the airline magazines. After that it's the year-end columns to concoct. Just had a piece published in Critics Review wherein I critiqued theater audiences and their misbehavior.

The year has flown. The words have poured out. The blog has exploded in ways I never thought possible.

Many of my former students have graduated. Some are close to it. I miss many of them. I'm still in touch with some of them. I'm still stalked by some of them. Weird.

More stories to come about the unique culture of uni life, kiddos. More news, too. Let me hear from you!


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