Thursday, May 26, 2005

They just noticed?

Saw this tonight on ABC News. It's like that scene in Casablanca where the police captain is suddenly shocked! shocked! to hear that there is gambling going on in Rick's club.

The "expert" in the story said he was "waiting for the tipping point, like Enron with business ethics, where there would be a sea change in attitudes towards cheating."

The story continues:

"An ABCNEWS poll found hopeful signs — but worrying ones as well.

"In a random sample of high school students aged 15 to 17, 36 percent admitted to having cheated themselves — fewer than in Josephson's survey.

"But seven in 10 kids also say they have friends who cheat, and only one-third of students have ever had a serious talk with their parents about cheating.

"We need to promote integrity. We need to get students to understand why integrity is important — as opposed to policing dishonesty and then punishing that dishonesty. Because they can beat the system."

The report also noted that 74 percent of college students in the survey admitted to cheating on papers or exams.

I often wonder how many I didn't catch.


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