Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thighs and whispers

Item 1: Bootcamp, hereafter referred to as Buttcamp. Done two nights so far and can hardly sit, stand, climb stairs, put on socks, tie shoes or anything else that requires bending from the waist or the stretching of the tight strings of ham on the bag of legs. Jeesh. I haven't been this sore since my short-lived attempt to try out for cheerleader in eighth grade. One week of 7 a.m. workouts took all the pow out of those pompom dreams. Buttcamp meets in the early evening on a stretch of public park on a very exclusive boulevard. Tonight our drill instructor told us that the just-cleared plot of prime corner property across from our workout spot will one day be occupied by the Idiot-in-Chief and his wife, the First Chainsmoker, with occasional visits from the Twit Twins. I can't get away from them... At tonight's Buttcamp it was a thick 77 degrees. By the time I got home and peeled off the sweatwear, it was 55 and dropping. Winter arrives, meaning tomorrow night's Buttcamp could include ice hockey. Camp meets rain or shine. Drill Instructor brooks no absences.

Item 2: If you're a James Taylor fan, you'll love his son Ben's 10-song CD "Another Run Around the Sun." The boy inherited his dad's pipes and his crisp diction. Gorgeous stuff.

Item 3: Ricky Gervais has two free podcasts up on The Guardian website. I'd listen to them again--as always, he's assisted by writing partner Stephen Merchant and their halfwitted sidekick Karl Pilkington--but I'm afraid if I laugh too hard I'll snap something I might need later.


Blogger Erik said...

Hi professor,

I'm writing a book about blogging and freedom of speech and I'm particularly interested in people being dooced from universities (there is a personal reason. More here: I'd like to write about you. I've been looking around your blog but where is the best account of what happened to you? I've found bits and pieces but no complete account. My book's blog is here:

Great writing, great guts,


9:35 AM  
Anonymous Dolores said...

You can also take a good look at my blog. I have one or two tales about university administrations. Feel free to drop by.


11:25 AM  
Anonymous Fanny said...

Dear Phantom Professor,
I am writing in the comments section because I found The Guardian's Thanksgiving special thoroughly amusing. I didn't know they celebrated Thanksgiving in Europe. That would be the day!
Well, thank you for the good vibes and please keep the good work up!
Kind regards,

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura Bush is hard to read but she's a very reserved person. I grew up with her in Midland, and we share the same friends. We attended junior high school together. Then, she went to another high school.

What is she really like? She's bright, unflappable and loyal. Many of her old friends are also liberal. They are artists, midwives, journalists, enntrepreneurs -- and lovers of literature. When Laura was younger, she was not a Republican!
In fact, she taught in a lower-income school district before she became a librarian. I worked with a good friend of hers, who was a journalist on Jim Lehrer's Newsroom at KERA-TV in Dallas.

Anyway, it's difficult to peg her.
Why did she marry Bush? Maybe she was drawn to his enthusiastic spirit.

Apparently, she's caught in the middle of a difficult situation. Supporting Bush is part of her job. Whether she agrees with him or not. But, I promise you, she's not just a "chain-smoking" dummy. She has an inner strength which many people aren't aware of, because she doesn't let people in. I would imagine that someone interviewing her has a difficult time getting her to open up.

1:11 PM  

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